“I am honored to recommend the brokerage services of Cydney Green. In 2011, I began the search for my home. I was a first time buyer with very specific requirements, backed by a modest budget. I had confidence that I would be able to find something to my liking. To my dismay, after two years of presenting offers through various real-estate agents, I have failed to find my home. The advice I started getting was “increase your budget” or “reduce your requirements” from the very people that were representing me, even though the current market dictated otherwise.

I made the decision to contact Cydney Green by recommendation of a family friend. Cydney immediately recovered my confidence with my set budget and reiterated that my requirements are more than reasonable. She did extensive research on the properties I was most interested in – everything from the history of the property to understanding the seller’s state of mind. Within a week, I was presented with a concrete plan to try and close a property at a price I thought was impossible.

Within two months of meeting Cydney, and after two years of searching for a home, my search was finally over. After presenting the sellers with a set of strategic offers executed under her plan, I am now a proud owner of a beach front property which sold for an amount below my budget – a purchase that I was convinced was impossible just a few weeks ago. Cydney’s network, experience, and knowledge of properties achieved what four other agents could not.

It is my hope that this recommendation allows Cydney Green to represent you in the outstanding manner she represented me.”

-Michail Greshishchev