“Having to sell our 32 year old home brought with it a lot of anxiety. It didn’t help that it was our first time selling. We did all the internet research on how to choose an agent, what you should ask, what pitfalls to look out for, etc, etc. We narrowed the field down to 3 agents we felt comfortable interviewing. After interviewing 2 very experienced agents it became apparent that choosing the right one was going to be a difficult task. As the 3rd agent we interviewed, Ben Wightman arrived and absolutely blew us away. What we thought would be a difficult decision to make actually turned out to be a very simple one.

Further proof we made the right decision – Ben sold our old house in 7 days for full asking price! He’s currently representing us in our purchase of a new home, bringing with it the same insight, hard work, patience and dedication he showed us as our selling agent.

I would encourage anyone to do all the research you can on choosing an agent….it’s truly a huge decision. If you choose to interview multiple agents as we did, do yourself a favour and choose Ben as one of the agents to interview… you won’t believe the difference.”

– Ed & Leigh Ann