“I have to admit we were a bit sceptical about hiring a Realtor. You see all those DIY shows about how to stage your house and how to get a quick sale saving yourself thousands of dollars in the process. Why couldn’t we do that? This was not our first house sale and the experience with previous Realtors left us underwhelmed. However, we wanted to sell in a slow market in a slow area so we thought it best to at least interview some Realtor’s and see what they had to offer. We met Cydney first and she was personable and engaging from the beginning. The extra value added services they offered to us along with their honesty and education in the Richmond market sold us on hiring them to represent us. We are so glad we did!!

Then we met Ben and his professionalism and charm won us over immediately. He and his team staged our house and lent us the pieces that we were missing to really add the finishing touches and make our home stand out amongst the many listings in our area. They did the work, brought in furniture, art and accessories that we needed to make the house look like a home (it was pretty sparse before). The photographer they work with is amazing, the photos they took really made our house look great in the marketing materials.

Then we waited, hoping for an offer, but the market as a whole was slow. Ben kept working hard for us, trying different marketing tactics, holding open houses, working hard over the slow summer months to sell our home when there was a significant amount of inventory on the market.

Once we got an offer Ben proved himself to be a skilled negotiator. There is no doubt in my mind that he got us more money for our home than we could have on our own. the process was stress free for us, he handled everything flawlessly. Of course the great job he did selling our home meant we were going to be homeless in short order if we didn’t find something new. He and my husband went out on house hunting trips while I was out of town, and previewed homes on our favoured areas. I got back into town and we went out straight away to look for a new house. Ben’s knowledge of the market and his candour when looking at homes was incredibly valuable. Thankfully we found one and he got us a better price on the home in our dream area of town than anyone else could have. He has excellent knowledge of real estate and we were happy with the services of everyone he recommended. It was a stress free as a big move can be!

I have been bragging to everyone about just how wonderful this process was. I truly think we are better off financially having used Ben’s services than we would have been saving on the commission and not using a Realtor. He made a big move (for us) an easy process in a slow market. Ours is one of the few homes that has sold recently in Richmond and I don’t doubt it’s because of Ben.

I would recommend his services to anyone, without hesitation. I know he will be our first call if we ever sell this house.” 🙂


-Drew & Stephanie