As being someone who has not been involved with the house market for twenty five years, right from the time of our first meeting, Ben and Cydney were honest and direct.  They explained to me how the process would unfold so l wouldn’t be surprised, and recommended things that l could do to help with the sale.  When it came to setting an asking price, they always listened to my thoughts.  In those discussions it quickly became obvious that they knew their market and the players in local real estate. Their numerous showings of the house were comprehensive and beneficial in making this sale happen.

It was during this time, the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus happened, they explained the shift in the market and the possible delay in selling. It is no exaggeration that selling a house is a stressful endeavor both emotionally and fiscally.  They provided the support and confidence needed to know things would work out.  Through it all they were Realtors who were clearly a partner and a friend.  For all of these reasons this is why l can unconditionally recommend Ben and Cydney to my friends and acquaintances.

-Alan Roberston